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Barnyard Millet

by Manna
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What is barnyard millet?

- Barnyard millet is an erect plant that grows up to 60cm - 130cm in tall.

- Popularly known as Samvat ke Chaval or Fasting Rice it is popular food that is consumed in India during fasting periods such as Navratri
- Barnyard millet is grown as an alternative to rice on land that has a very cold or unsuitable climate for rice cultivation
- It is the fastest-growing crop and produces ripe grain in just 45 days

Barnyard millet is known as
Threefold in Tamil
Udalu in Telugu
Thina in Malayalam
Oodalu in Kannada
Kaon in Bengali
Sanwa or Jhangon in Hindi
Kangani in Punjabi
Kang in Marathi & Gujarati

Why should you consume Barnyard millet?

Barnyard millet is also popularly known as the 'The weight management millet' as the high amounts of protein, and dietary fiber while having the least amount of calories as compared to all cereals. Barnyard millet is low in carbohydrates and making it a part of your diet aids natural weight loss. Barnyard millet is also considered a good source of iron and its low glycemic index make it suitable for diabetic patients.