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Brown Top Millet 2lb

by Yogini

What is foxtail millet?

Foxtail millet is an annual grass with slim, vertical, leafy stems that can reach a height of upto 6.6 feet. It has the longest history of cultivation among millets and has been grown in India since antiquity. Foxtail millet requires very less water and hence is suitable for raising in dry areas. days

Foxtail millet is known as
Thinai in Tamil
Korulu in Telugu
Thina in Malayalam
Navane in Kannada
Kaon Dana in Bengali
Kangani in Hindi & Punjabi
Kang in Marathi & Gujarati

Why should you consume Foxtail millet?

The benefits of foxtail millets help the body reducing the factors of diabetes, fortifying it with enough components against heart attacks and developing body tissues. Foxtail millets are ideal for reducing the cholesterol of the body, controlling blood sugar and aiding metabolism rate. It is highly rich in anti-oxidation, which removes all the acidic elements away from the body.