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Tindora 1lb

SKU 2507466606
Select Produce is now available for Pre-Order for the week of 19th April 2020, Please place your orders by 16th April 2020. We will do our best to ensure everyone's Pre-Order gets fulfilled. The fulfillment of the items is subject to the availability of the product with the suppliers. 

Pre-Order Item: Methi, Mint, Okra, Long Squash, Tindora, Torai, Parval, Indian Eggplant, Indian Bitterguard, Green Mango, Guava

Produce Pre-Order Policy: 
1. Produce will be available bi-weekly.
2. Orders must be placed by Thursday prior to the produce week. 
3. The total pre-order quantity of all customers must reach at least 50% of the total case.
4. No items will be brought where a pre-order quantity of all customers is only 20% of the total case and a refund will be processed.
5. In case of not enough stock available with suppliers, Pre-Orders will be fulfilled based on First In First Out approach